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20 September 2020 Junior Church Resources

For our Younger Children
God Provides

Theme: God provides for His children.

Object: Popcorn, Bible

Do you like to eat? What’s your favorite thing to eat? (Allow kids to share.)

What if every morning you could open the front door and walk out into the yard and pick up your favorite food? All of it you could eat! That would be great, wouldn't it?

We read in the Bible about a time when something almost exactly like that happened. God's people, the Israelites, had been held as prisoners in Egypt for many years. When they were finally freed and left Egypt, they were looking for the land that God had promised them. After they had been wandering around lost in the desert for a couple of months, the people started to grumble and complain against their leaders, Moses and his brother, Aaron. (Invite kids to complain and grumble.) 

"We had it better when we were in Egypt," they complained. "At least we had plenty to eat. God, You have brought us out here in the desert to starve us to death!"

God heard the people complaining and told Moses that in the evening He would send birds called quail to cover the camp so that the people would have meat to eat. Not only that, but in the morning, after the dew was gone, there would be manna on the ground for everyone to eat. (Instruct those with popcorn to throw it in the air.) All they had to do was go out, pick it up, and eat it.

Why did God do this for those grumblers and complainers? (Pause for responses.) He did it so that they would know that He loved them and that He would take care of them. God hadn't brought them out of Egypt to let them starve in the desert! God was going to see to it that they made it to the land which He had promised them.

Have kids pick up all the popcorn around them as though it’s manna. 

Sometimes you and I grumble and complain, don't we? When do you complain? (Pause for responses.) We forget that God loves us and that He provides us with everything that we need. Instead of grumbling and complaining, we can say, "Thank You, God" and let’s do that right now!

Dear God, sometimes we grumble and complain. When we do, help us remember that every good thing we have comes from You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Daily Discussion  - click here to view

For our older Junior Church Members

Grab the popcorn and gather round to watch this classic Rob Bell video - Trees

From Rob Bell: We want to know why we are here. If our lives really matter. How our religion is relevant to this life. Today. We want to understand what significance this minute, hour, week, month, and year has yo our lives. To our world. We need a God who cares about this life, in this world, right now. We want understand why everything we think, everything we say, and everything we do matters. We don’t want to just sit back and wait for something to happen or someday to come. We want to know if all the choices we make now will shape our world and lives for eternity. Because we want our lives to have meaning today, and our lives today to have meaning forever.

Some questions you may wish to discuss together…
>> What kind of legacy will you leave behind? What will people remember most about you?
>> Read Isaiah 49:14-16. What does this passage tell you about your importance to the Lord? How might you live differently based on this new information?
>> What can you as a family do to partner with God in changing the world? Name some practical things you can do.

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